Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Team Bravo #3

The latest 2 US Infantry from Anton...

Variant M203 and M60 gunner in the works.  And the earlier 4:

 Meanwhile, in other news, have a gander at these...  Destined for some grubby, thickheaded men...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Team Bravo #2

Two more 1980s US Infantrymen for preview:

...and a recap of the first two:

...and all four to date:

(figures to be able to put out a platoon - Inc M60,  Dragon and HQ elements - are in the pipeline.)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Comparison Shots

So the first greens have arrived from Anton in New Zealand, so here are some comparison shots (together with Robi's Wild Goose) with some Empress Miniatures ("EM"), Radio Dish Dash ("RDD") and Under Fire Miniatures ("UFM") figures:

(L to R: RDD, MBM, EM, MBM, UFM)

(L to R: EM, MBM, UFM, EM)

(L to R: EM, MBM, EM, MBM, EM)

(L to R: MBM, MBM, EM, MBM, MBM, EM)

The crude pen marks on the right are an attempt to indicate where 28mm lands - its roughly eye level for most of these, with a good range of variance within the various manufacturers and compared to each other.  None really look too out of place, but the Wild Goose might need some slightly taller companions (it's a difficult pose to compare, but he looks the shortest of the lot).

The War Correspondents (bottom pic, green) will be off to the casters today/tomorrow and when the first test casts are done, I'll be able to think about taking orders.  TBC!