Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Boxed up for the caster...

...are the W79 latest sculpts, PLUS:

African Union (AMISOM) troops - 6 for starters.

The IDF, finally.  Chapo on the right was one of the very first sculpts done last Autumn.  Cripes, time flies...  12 of these guys, enough for 3 fire teams (based on a TOE of 3x3 fire teams)

US Army for mid 80s Cold War - 16 altogether inc Pl Cmd

And some Soviet VDV sculpts  - the first 5 of 12.

The AU, IDF and US are up for pre-order with a target date for general release of 1 July (pre-order customers are likely to get them before that).

Friday, 20 May 2016

W79 BravoGoGo Progress Report

Quick update on sculpts to date:

Squaddies in flak vests:

Notes: Sterling stock being adjusted, Bren having its magazine swapped to make it an L4, GPMG gunner being adjusted to make the pistol grip more prominent.

BONUS: Random Sterling toting type without a flak vest (precis of future variants, not a commissioning mistake, honest...)

(And the original 5 squaddies: )

Armed Police:

Note: Chap with the Sterling will have his helmet swapped with one of the better ones.

Armed Civilians:

Notes: These are a little under dressed for Winter '79 so a set of variants in colder weather gear will appear alongside these.

The originals from the BravoGoGo:

Armed Detectives:  (to be joined by a third in due course...)

The Iron Lady:


(and the original PIRA:)

Next up in the production queue: The rest of the paramilitaries.