Friday, 10 June 2016

Bolt Action Modern Rules v2.0 I'm bored waiting for figures to be moulded and sculpted, I've been mooching around the forums and spotted these on TMP and some bat reps for it on LAF. Looks promising!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Boxed up for the caster...

...are the W79 latest sculpts, PLUS:

African Union (AMISOM) troops - 6 for starters.

The IDF, finally.  Chapo on the right was one of the very first sculpts done last Autumn.  Cripes, time flies...  12 of these guys, enough for 3 fire teams (based on a TOE of 3x3 fire teams)

US Army for mid 80s Cold War - 16 altogether inc Pl Cmd

And some Soviet VDV sculpts  - the first 5 of 12.

The AU, IDF and US are up for pre-order with a target date for general release of 1 July (pre-order customers are likely to get them before that).

Friday, 20 May 2016

W79 BravoGoGo Progress Report

Quick update on sculpts to date:

Squaddies in flak vests:

Notes: Sterling stock being adjusted, Bren having its magazine swapped to make it an L4, GPMG gunner being adjusted to make the pistol grip more prominent.

BONUS: Random Sterling toting type without a flak vest (precis of future variants, not a commissioning mistake, honest...)

(And the original 5 squaddies: )

Armed Police:

Note: Chap with the Sterling will have his helmet swapped with one of the better ones.

Armed Civilians:

Notes: These are a little under dressed for Winter '79 so a set of variants in colder weather gear will appear alongside these.

The originals from the BravoGoGo:

Armed Detectives:  (to be joined by a third in due course...)

The Iron Lady:


(and the original PIRA:)

Next up in the production queue: The rest of the paramilitaries.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

...just about still alive...

...I thought whooping cough and gone out with the dodos, but it seems my lot have other ideas about that.  Joy.  So much for inoculations...

But in brighter news for W79:

We'll be picking the best helmet, refining it and casting that up to use on all of the bobbies.  Future variants once these are cast up will have small arms, and possibly some with truncheons.  W79 Squaddies are next on the sculpting desk.

And as for the IDF and Russians and stuff...

Tracking event history

25/04/2016 23:19   Held for clearance

25/04/2016 20:10 Departed from overseas mail centre

25/04/2016 20:08 Arrived overseas

22/04/2016 10:21 Left New Zealand

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Still alive...

So financial year end, work, and easter holidays have kept me quiet.  Sorry folks!  Bits and bobs happening behind the scenes but need to get back into the swing of things.

Some things Anton has been working on for us:

Some WIP shots of things Robi has been working on for us in support of the W79 crowdfunder:

Expecting a parcel from NZ fairly shortly with the IDF and Soviets so they will be getting into moulds soon along with the US (finally).  Although I'm sure I've said that before...



Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Building Free Borchester (Part 1)

I returned from Hammerhead back in March with a bag of loot from Sally4th's British photorealistic terrain range: 

One of their forthcoming terrace houses with cut-through, a corner shop, and 4 terraced houses:

Which when unpacked look something like this.

And after 2 hours of turgid international friendly football, look something like this:

The skip is from a 1:50 toy on eBay, and the car is a Corgi Vanguards 1/43 Austin Allegro.  Figures by Mike Bravo Miniatures, painted by Battle Studios.

I'm impressed with these so far - very quick and simple to assemble, and an easy way to fill an urban table.  The roofs lift off (and internal floors are available) so it'll lead to a very interactive gaming table (that could also have multiple uses such as Dad's Army WW2, VBCW, and back to the Victorian era).  

They come with a rear courtyard with different outbuildings depending on the kit, and Sally4th do a set of roads and pavements that'll set it all off very nicely.  The buildings themselves can be painted, or Sally4th produce a set of photorealistic covers that can be printed off (or bought) and stuck on.  This looks a fiddly process, but having seen the finished product at Hammerhead, it should look very smart (and far better than my painting efforts!).  Highly recommended so far.

Next step is to print off and stick on the photorealistic covers that Sally4th produce for these kits.  Also on order is a telephone box from Grekwood Miniatures, a postbox and some street lighting from Fenris Games,  some scatter brick material from Juweela, and another car or two.

Friday, 18 March 2016

W79 BravoGoGo Update: First new sculpts

So proving the concept kind of works, the following two new sculpts are the first funded figures to come off the workbench:

These will be supplied either as shown, or with balaclavas (which will be identical save that we will sculpt on a balaclava, and maybe a different pistol for variety)

NB - depending on funds at the end of the campaign, we may do bareheaded variants for all of the paramilitaries, or at the very least offer heads for DIY conversions.

What's a BravoGoGo?  Why, didn't you know?  Winter of '79 BravoGoGo Campaign