Wednesday, 27 April 2016

...just about still alive...

...I thought whooping cough and gone out with the dodos, but it seems my lot have other ideas about that.  Joy.  So much for inoculations...

But in brighter news for W79:

We'll be picking the best helmet, refining it and casting that up to use on all of the bobbies.  Future variants once these are cast up will have small arms, and possibly some with truncheons.  W79 Squaddies are next on the sculpting desk.

And as for the IDF and Russians and stuff...

Tracking event history

25/04/2016 23:19   Held for clearance

25/04/2016 20:10 Departed from overseas mail centre

25/04/2016 20:08 Arrived overseas

22/04/2016 10:21 Left New Zealand

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