Thursday, 13 August 2015

Ugandan AMISOM/African Union Green

Ta da...

Critique and comment invited - if things ought to be tweaked, let us know...  These are to be based on the Ugandans forming part of the AMISOM mission in Somalia.

Will try to get hold of something better to show scale etc, but vs a Perry rifleman:

Note: Taking third party advice on board, the figure in the scale comparison picture has been amended slightly from the original pose above.  ie. Adjusted the confusion with legs and extended them to re-scale the figure into 1:6 proportions, and also removed the chin strap which made the head look bigger than it was.

Hidden a bit by the AK is the chest webbing, seen more clearly below:

There'll probably be a couple of webbing/vest variants as they seem to be inconsistently equipped...  We'll have PKMs and RPGs, and some NCO/Officer poses.  We'll have swappable heads with initially a mix of covered and uncovered kevlar helmets, but the wider ranges will have bush hats, berets and so on.

Comment welcome!

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