Friday, 18 December 2015

Team Bravo - Update

Mid 1980s US Infantry

Final two greens for the first 12 figures of this line, an officer and a further M249 variant.

Full group shot to follow, but until then an old one is here:

The initial release will look something like this:

Pack 1: Officer, NCO, M47, M60
Pack 2: M16A2, M16A2, M203, M249
Pack 3: M16A2, M16A2, M203, M249

These initial packs will probably come with optional M1 heads for those wishing to convert them.

These will cover  c. 1986 for Europe (ie, Team Yankee scenarios - the M249 is a little early for historical deployment but in a war footing I'd have thought it would have been rolled out quicker) and should be good for Panama (at least those not in LBVs).

Once cast, the figures will be heading back to NZ to be converted to:

  • M1 helmets with M16A1s (with optional PASGT heads for those wishing to convert)
  • M1 helmets and M16A1s, with M79 body armour for early '80s USMC (Grenada) 
  • PASGT helmets, M16A2s, and LBVs for Panama etc.

For early '80s, the M249s will be replaced with additional M16A1s and a bipod case.

I'll also get some loose LAWs done.

Timings for the future releases will be dependent on sculpting and casting schedules but should be Spring '16 (ish)

Comments/questions/criticism welcome!


  1. Nice. Will they be available with M1 helmets and M16A1?

  2. Spyros - Yes, ultimately. I've updated the original post to flesh out the direction of travel for these guys.

  3. Far left soldier of squad pic - Americans of the 1980s did not carry their weapons the English way - butt stock above elbow. M60 gunner on right - left hand is too close and would require super human strength to carry it that way.
    Looking forward to the ranges.

  4. Thankyou, really helpful. Will look to address those issues then.

  5. Looking forward to the release!

    BTW, your link to the KS / Ghetto Miniatures is a failed KS, and you might want to take it down (for the moment).

    I have been in contact with the author, and he is looking to re-launch this spring.

    Keep your fingers crossed!