Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Open for Business...

So, a web shop appears to be up and working here:

Mike Bravo Miniatures Web Store

PRE-ORDER STATUS ONLY - I DON'T HAVE STOCK IN HAND!  But there are some pretty pictures...

Now I've opened the shop early to be able to test that it works and see how the order process works from behind the scenes.  If anyone wants to pre-order then please do (I'd suggest using Paypal to give you full peace of mind) as it helps me plan stock levels, but I don't have an exact ETA on when the stock will arrive.  Should be about 2 weeks but I can keep people posted.

As ever please bear with me - the store is as ropey as hell but I am a technophobe working on it at 4am GMT, so please make allowances!  Better photos will follow when I can find my camera's tripod and have some production casts to inkwash.

Cheers for now.

Oh, and a sneak peak of more IDF:


  1. I am not sure if it is just an issue with me, but I get just a page via your link, that says "opening soon". But take your time to open up. I am in for a preorder for sure.

    Best regards

  2. OK everyone, pretend you didn't see this, some doofus forgot to press the 'ON' button for the store didn't they? (I'll go sit quietly in the corner with my dunce hat on...) Should be working now.

  3. Do you have a timescale for the idf release?