Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Stock & Diecasts

So, the first stocks of the War Correspondents and the first packs of W79 Paramilitaries and Brits are in...

Limited stocks available for now but more are on order.

PLUS: I will shortly open pre-orders for the rest of the Brits and Paramilitaries.  As these aren't quite ready for release, so these will be at a healthy discount*.  PLUS there may be an exclusive free figure available to tempt you in.  Call it our version of a Kickstarter.  [*The intrepid souls who pre-ordered our initial release will have this backdated]

I've also been on eBay for diecasts, with mixed results:

Solido 1/55 Gazelle:

Dinky 1/60 Saracen & Bedford:

Akula Miniatures 1/56 SWB Series II Landrover* & Corgi 1/50 Bedford S type (repaint)  [The Corgi Bedford is originally in blue Tetley brewery livery, and is the wrong model for Army use, but as a requisitioned or rebel vehicle??]

MAtchbox "1/56" VW Golf and ??? "1/60" Mini Cooper

*Tjhe akula Landrover isn't an eBay diecast, but from here:

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  1. Looking forward to these painted up and in games.