Friday, 5 February 2016

Update & Eye Candy

Sorry folks, all delayed by a short family holiday to save all our sanity after a grim January (do not try buying and selling a house with a young family, just dont.  Really, don't even think about it...)

But enough of my woes:

  • W79 Brits & Paramilitary: first two packs are cleaned up and in the post to the casters to go into production.
  • War Correspondents: As above!
  • Modern IDF: Latest 4 sculpts from Anton's workbench:

  • 1980s US: Still in New Zealand - Anton is knocking up a set of M1 helmets for head swaps from the PASGT ones but these should all be heading to the UK shortly.  I will then get them into the production queue as quick as possible.
  • Web Store: I have "Daddy's Own Time" booked in for me and the dog to watch the Superbowl (Go Broncos!) which I'll use to finish tarting up our webstore.  This will then be available for pre-orders (for anyone wanting to guarantee a slice of the first batch/to help me out with ideas of stock levels) or it can just it there until we have stock in hand - which should be <2 weeks, depending on how busy the casters are.