Friday, 26 February 2016

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Fame or Infamy? WI Review

"PROS: All the figures are well sculpted, arrived as very clean castings and have suitably realistic poses. They have a touch of character on each one, whether moustaches, facial expression or stance."

"CONS: These could be seen as quite a controversial range..."

Hmmm, perhaps I'd best stop Google Image searching the Baader-Meinhoff Group...!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Stock & Diecasts

So, the first stocks of the War Correspondents and the first packs of W79 Paramilitaries and Brits are in...

Limited stocks available for now but more are on order.

PLUS: I will shortly open pre-orders for the rest of the Brits and Paramilitaries.  As these aren't quite ready for release, so these will be at a healthy discount*.  PLUS there may be an exclusive free figure available to tempt you in.  Call it our version of a Kickstarter.  [*The intrepid souls who pre-ordered our initial release will have this backdated]

I've also been on eBay for diecasts, with mixed results:

Solido 1/55 Gazelle:

Dinky 1/60 Saracen & Bedford:

Akula Miniatures 1/56 SWB Series II Landrover* & Corgi 1/50 Bedford S type (repaint)  [The Corgi Bedford is originally in blue Tetley brewery livery, and is the wrong model for Army use, but as a requisitioned or rebel vehicle??]

MAtchbox "1/56" VW Golf and ??? "1/60" Mini Cooper

*Tjhe akula Landrover isn't an eBay diecast, but from here:

Monday, 22 February 2016

Latest IDF: GTARs

Just one more IDF chap to go and then the first set of 12 will be complete and whizzing it's way to Blighty.

Just a reminder that we have our webshop open at

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

And in other news, IDF progress

IMI Negevs.

I'm hopeful that these and the other IDF and Cold War US will be on the plane from NZ by the end of the week.  

Three more IDF sculpts to get through then it's onto...  African Union (finally - they are all I originally set out to do,  Talk about mission creep...)

Winter of '79 Ruleset released

Check out the latest news from Caliver:  Living on the Frontline

And as for us, plans are afoot for more Brits:

No flak jackets yet as we'll do variants with & without.  No heads yet either - we should probably take the opportunity to so some headwear variants then yes?

And what guns?  SLRs, GPMG, Bren planned.  Sterling option for the radio op (or an SLR if you want to be cruel).  Some standalone Sterlings?

(incidentally, does anyone know what dog handlers carried? Just a sidearm?)

And a quick plug that the web shop is open for pre-orders:  Mike Bravo Miniatures Web Store


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Open for Business...

So, a web shop appears to be up and working here:

Mike Bravo Miniatures Web Store

PRE-ORDER STATUS ONLY - I DON'T HAVE STOCK IN HAND!  But there are some pretty pictures...

Now I've opened the shop early to be able to test that it works and see how the order process works from behind the scenes.  If anyone wants to pre-order then please do (I'd suggest using Paypal to give you full peace of mind) as it helps me plan stock levels, but I don't have an exact ETA on when the stock will arrive.  Should be about 2 weeks but I can keep people posted.

As ever please bear with me - the store is as ropey as hell but I am a technophobe working on it at 4am GMT, so please make allowances!  Better photos will follow when I can find my camera's tripod and have some production casts to inkwash.

Cheers for now.

Oh, and a sneak peak of more IDF:

Friday, 5 February 2016

Update & Eye Candy

Sorry folks, all delayed by a short family holiday to save all our sanity after a grim January (do not try buying and selling a house with a young family, just dont.  Really, don't even think about it...)

But enough of my woes:

  • W79 Brits & Paramilitary: first two packs are cleaned up and in the post to the casters to go into production.
  • War Correspondents: As above!
  • Modern IDF: Latest 4 sculpts from Anton's workbench:

  • 1980s US: Still in New Zealand - Anton is knocking up a set of M1 helmets for head swaps from the PASGT ones but these should all be heading to the UK shortly.  I will then get them into the production queue as quick as possible.
  • Web Store: I have "Daddy's Own Time" booked in for me and the dog to watch the Superbowl (Go Broncos!) which I'll use to finish tarting up our webstore.  This will then be available for pre-orders (for anyone wanting to guarantee a slice of the first batch/to help me out with ideas of stock levels) or it can just it there until we have stock in hand - which should be <2 weeks, depending on how busy the casters are.